Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A thought on things that wont come back

Sometimes, I cant believe that im already of 20 something age..I look at myself and wonder..have i missed some years?

11 years of school seemed like forever, but life after that..seems to whizz me by a tad to quick.
I remember when i was in primary, I had a cousin staying over my house since he was studying at an institution close to my home.. I use to look at him and think, wouldn't it be nice to be his to mix around with the adults, taken seriously for a bit?
i mean, being a kid was fun,but not often are we taken seriously..during my primary years, there were times that I would get a bad stomach ache, but would still be forced to go to school, just in case i was faking it..(-_-")..
a disastrous end to that episode..lets just say i got a new pair of pants later on..;p
And somehow or rather, I remember me always being on the wrong side of any situation in school..I was beaten up often by my teacher in my primary school for every reason under the sun..
tulisan buruk lah,
muka surat buku latihan tak cukup sehelai la,
pembaris tak bawak la,
and was even whacked when i got a wrong answer for maths!! hellooo, im learning here!!!!!!!!
simple enuf to say, my primary school years were the years i would rather forget than reminisce.
Maybe that' why my years in school seemed long..primary years was hell...

the only grudge i have is against Mr Amran..yeah, know the name..the day i see him in the streets is the day ill give him a piece of my mind, pray hard Amran..pray..*evil grin*

moving on...
Secondary school is where things started to get can argue on your side without being whacked on the head for being rude..argue in an acceptable way that is mind u..not shouting about..;p
Maybe thats where things started to accelerate forward..yes, maybe..
spending my years in secondary at 3 different schools does make 5 years seem like a flash..being forced to stay in hostel also has changed me say, tougher..if u can survive hostel life in a boarding school, then u can survive any character the world has to offer..secondary years were also the years i started to get a hold of myself..a revelation so to speak..secondary years is also the time i started noticing girls..but thats a different story..;p

so what does my ramblings have to do with anything?
well, its a conclusive thought..
Adults enjoy themselves more than kids.Why? have fun just for the heck of it, without purpose, its kind of a hollow fun...we (I adult ke?)know what we want, and work hard towards it..thats our fun i think..
pueh ati bak kata orang..

Now approaching the end of my stay in Uni, its a blessing that I have made it thus far..The past few years were tough but sweet..I cant say that i would want to go thru it another round (God forbid)..but I cant say that I wont be thinking about it often in the future..i cant say things turned out their very best..
but yeah, im satisfied thus far..and for now, its what matters.

when i was a kid, adulthood seemed to that i'm here..


it does rock huh?

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encikpundak said...

yup.. masa berlalu begitu pantas.. rase cam baru je bulan lepas masuk sekolah rendah, mggu lepas masuk sekolah menengah, 3 hari lepas masuk matrik, semalam masuk UTP.. alih-alih da nak final year daa....