Sunday, April 13, 2008

KL freeze, more that just a publicity stunt

Look here

Picking minds..

yeah..we missed it..but hey...we had something better..

had the opportunity to meet the mind behind the 'KL Freeze' event. The organizer it seems..

according to his card, he was a freelance MC, publicist..from randomalphabets

At first he seemed to be foreign, tapi apabila ditanya dari mana asalnya..

"Malaysia", jawabnya ringkas..

namanya Zain.

none the less we were a bit tergamam,yelah, die dengan tak ada rupa orang-orang yang kita biasa lihat di jalanan..but he was born and raised does make him every bit Malaysian as we are.

That was the stereotypical mind that most of kita dah terjerat in..I myself included..

we think of Malaysia as Melayu India Cina..thats the only thing that pops into our head when we think multicultural..

but what about the Iban, Khadazan, orang Asli and even those who were born and raised here even though their grandmothers and grandfathers were from elsewhere..those who have worked here all their lives... what about them? are they not Malaysian too?

what was said by Zain was true..we perceive things based on how we were raised..perception..
mebe we were brought up to believe that Malaysia only consists of the tree dominant races..failing to notice the other people that make this country blissfuly coloured as it is..

The event, KL freeze had a more deep agenda than just being a gimic..I'm not sure it its well known or not, but i was not aware of the main motive until the encounter with the brains of the operation himself.

The event was to show, to prove that we as Malaysians can do something together, in unison..regardless of race, age, background, was not just something that we done for the papers..
you could be a millionaire living on the hills of Damansara, you could be the one who helps push the old lady in the hospital, be someone living in the tranquil forests of someone of the street..point of the matter is, all these things are regardless, as we are can all do something together if we put our minds to it..think a Malaysians..

so okay, we missed the actual event (by minutes)..but we were lucky enough to have been able to meet the man driving the event, and was able to share a piece of his insight..

I applaud the thought..

Being selected to go to National Service, this thought should've been imprinted in my head..and it was for a while..then...i forget...i just forget..

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