Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heads up

Bak kata Sang Putri..teaser sahaja..
tangan dan otak terlalu letih untuk menyusun kata-kata..

tak apa, nanti bila aku rajin, aku akan update post..jangan kamu gundah gulana....buat sementara waktu,you all can just have a looksie at the randomness (not to mention weird) things i put Eton thru.

The tummy filler

The models (idung berdarah..perv mode ON!!!!)

The unexplainable urge to shoot in the street (with odd stares no less..

It was random, and it was a blast..further details will follow..rite now, all i can think my pillow..go figure...(-_-")

quick shoutout to Hati Lara..wished u could have joined us worries, next time!!!

there's so much to tell..but words elude the sleeping mind..


now..where did i put my teddy..erm...

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