Tuesday, April 15, 2008

on a more serious note..

It's a gaping hole to say the least..
staring right back you when u stare right back at it..
I sometimes wonder, was it ever to be this way.. i mean..THIS.. (0_o)/ (points everywhere)

what you are, how u are, how people around u are, how things basically are..are, not the present tense, not 'were' nor its future counterpart, 'could'..
what can best sum u up now..

lets think about that..a word..an emotion..an event..one thing that is defining u at this particular moment..

if u are thinking for more than a minute on it (like i had)..im thinking a some good reflection time needs to be done..
stare at the ceiling once in a while, and count ur blessings..ask urself defining questiions..
i have frequently forgotten to ask myself..

"Is this where u want to be Mr?"

forgetting this usually results in a sudden moral depreciation..a sense of not being of use to anyone since I myself am not sure if this is where I want to be..is this my purpose?..is this the use of my God given brain and limbs?

If its a NO..then something needs to be done..and i don't mean tomorrow hun..

One of the things that has hit me right smack in the face is that, nothing comes easily like a Happy Meal (which i have not had for years now..erm...)..some lazy asses needs moving if we want things to turn out the way we want to..
yeah, like the song..shut up and drive Fasyan!!!
what drives you? passion? if so.. where has it gone?

its a reminder to myself, and anyone alike..if ure feeling down and about..look urself in the mirror and ask
What is driving u today?

And today, the answer so happens to be

note: positive energy attract positive people..its the only thing defying the laws of physics


Si Putri said...


u need a hug fash?
some candy?
cookies and milk?


kaman lets drive togetha2!


mrfusyi said...

how bout u get some new glasses for Eton..

that wud be nice certainly help!!