Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some things only guys would understand..

Looking2 thru the flyers for the upcoming PC fair..
wah2..sure got lots of things cheap2..

erm2..rig getting old (alasan..)..

Saw in one of the flyers..

title "BUDGET PC"..cost less than 1k..

see the specs...

(-_-")..same spec as my current setup liau (almost..)..waaaaa~~!!!

my pc now considered "budget"..WTF (fish)!!!!

i buy expensive woo!!!



need get new money laa..

got a bit..but saving for Eton funding..

rig oriented..(-_-!!) aren't we all..


Si Putri said...

campak je pc lame kamu tuh...

mrfusyi said...

dun want..Its still working nicely laa..still ken do loads of stuff with it, and I always do maintenance..
unlike u..

when was the last time u defrag? :p

encikpundak said...

option 1

"papa.. can u buy me a new pc eh?"

option 2

"mama... u are sooo beautiful today... nak PC baru plizzz?"

option 3

"angkat tangan!! ini satu rompakan!!!"

option 4

"Social escort service for lonely woman... can take anywhere you want"

snang je nak carik duit hahaha

kuc1n993m0k said...

moh2..angkat IPHONE..haha..

did they sell it here??


mrfusyi said...

hahaha, btol2..
kalau ikutkan, nama aku sesuai untuk kerja option 4 tu encik pundak..

tol tak cik put? *gelak guling2*