Saturday, May 31, 2008

ok...reevalution thinks..

Ok, im seriously reevaluating my life's choices..seriously..

hectic week..spent a few days at an oil rig construction site doing system test..and heck..i dont understand how they ken stand the heat..i mustve been sweating a good half liter that day..
being in a construction zone means youd be wearing long sleeves throughout the the blistering heat!!!

to make things a little bit more hard is the fact that the eng in charge is the solution?
send in two trainees to do the testing (wtfish!!) with a temp engineer to not make it not so obvious two interns are running the operations..

see that yellow platform in the distance..imagine walking to and fro every time u need to take a pee..(-_-")

upcoming platform still under construction, wont be able to tend to it since its scheduled after i finish my internship..*grins*

the selat in the distance..hauling almost 20kg worth of gear all the way up here can test any mans mettle..

its a wake up call on what being in the field really means in this profession..suddenly, the prospect of going back to studying doesnt seem so bad for now..:p

the plus side to this is the on site exp.hopefully comes in handy when i go job hunting soon..*crosses fingers*

hope they pay me extra for this..*grins*

i shud be writing this in my weekly report, instead here i am writing this here...(-_-")..
not productive..sooo not productive..

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