Monday, May 26, 2008

3 letter questions

monday is never a good day...
ANY day after a good holiday is never a good day..

~_~..mind at work at half awake..,and boss being away doesnt help neither..

i need my coffee...


i have been thinking, and thinking (yes, i find thinking a thought provoking hobby ;p)
thinking about things..a lot of things...
thoughts are provoked by questions, and some questions are best left unaswered, leaves the whole thinking game a bit more mysterious..

for instance..take for example tadi, i was driving home, it was around 8 pm, pretty street lights..
then up ahead i cud see VAGUELY a couple of guys walking in the MIDDLE of right lane, wearing BLACK and one dude had SUNGLASSES on..



ok, so its not a question, but shudve heard me say SOUNDS like a question

another instance was on Saturday, woke up, read the paper, and saw what we won over our neighbours down south..


yeah, its another question..

i find myself having deep thoughts after such 3 letter questions..if has been following a lot of my monologued questions..
note: W can mean what or why..and for those who are under age, F is for Fish..not the other thing

WTH is my prime lens?
conclusion: POS Mala*sia steals from its good citizens

WTH do we want with a bunch of rocks in the middle of the sea?
conclusion: We have hight tech lab submersive making thing that we plan to use there

WTF is the tenet cut off at the opis?
conclusion: We are to become zombies at work, nothing more

a lot of WTH's and WTF's has been asked..and sometime the occasional HTH or HTF..

mind u though, the conclusions are after a very deep deep tot, and summed up as logical as my sometimes anger/delusional/unpicked brain can process..

i know random..but thats about all i can process these days..


as unwholesome as this entry is, i had a great weekend all the same.
mind of work=good=happy guy=happy eating=gain weight.. nice..


Si Putri said...

Glory glory man united!!!!

(_\_\(_|_)/_/_) *jiggle-jiggle*

mrfusyi said...

argh!!! vulgar2!!

tsk2..learn some manners tubs..