Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monologue; its a reflection thing

after having some time being into this..how do we feel at the moment?
a future?
or an impending ending?

is this the position that we would like to see ourselves in? forever?
worth living, waking up to the same beat?
serves the purpose of our being?
worth the effort or not yielding hopeful results?
if not, keep at it or find another interest?

work, life and everything else, they share the same monologue..
yeah, asking..

to inquire oneself...

is a hobby of a hungry man too lazy to go out and eat..
and with weight of professional responsibilities massed on his inexperienced shoulders

Good luck with that..good luck


I have neither the courage to step forward, not the cowardice to back away, only desire to move forward.And that makes me a dreaming fool..

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