Saturday, June 14, 2008

its a dog eat dong world..and only the cunning survives

maafkan aku kalian, aku sudah biarkan arena di sini ketinggalan buat terlalu lama..
aku bilang aku agak selfish, mahu sahaja menjenguk blog rakan2 yang lain, mengharapkan update, tapi diri sendiri keberatan untuk mencoret..

apekah aku bz?

entah, aku rasa macam biasa sahaja hidup..mungkin ini dipanggil writers block..tapi aku bukan penulis, jadi aku rasa sesuai sahaja aku guna term, malas

pedulikan, mari menulis rakan2 jari..mari2..


politics, hate it or love it..

i came to terms, as i started off my internship program, that the company i shall be serving had "FUTURE" written all over it..after a month i was there, i felt at home, felt being useful and felt that i was doing something with my life.

I had visioned a future there..

that was then, now..

its apparent that there are internal politics that I am not able to overlook, however hard i tried..politics that causes some people to shoot up, and some good honest working people be pushed down the food chain. Politics that go beyond talking behind people's backs. Its this politics that has got me into a sudden change of heart, and makes one to reevaluate the options. politics are the worst of its kind..

I realize, that not everything in this world is achievable thru hard work. Sometimes u have to be able to lick some a*ses to get where u want to..good PR can get u places it seems, eventhough u slack work ethics, and have no output whatsoever..

its the illusion that ure doing work, that is what matters probably..and its a crying shame..

its also amazing how cunning some people are, even if they dont look it..
its a black book, with a floral cover..

id just like to get this done and over with, back to the sanctuary among my peers, and with people who dont have an agenda they'd kill over for..

where hard work actually gets u places, and being a good ass licker gets u no where..

one last year at least.


its not going anywhere if its still here after all these years..

but i dont want to look for another destination just yet, not just yet.

i need pictures in my blog, now wudnt that make it more interesting? ;p


encikpundak said...

yeah.. jom balik utp. ako da bosan dgn so called industrial training nieh

Hati Lara said...

dog eat DONG? wat is dong, really?

hang in there, ok. :)

plus, yeah letak lah gambar di sini. the fun things u did kt site ke, lets say. lol huhu.

mrfusyi said...

haha, typo..but lazy to repair it biliv it or not..ah, sounds good wat DONG..;p

and site doesnt=fun...but it