Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kaman2, cheer up!!!

the days are slow it seems..

i come to work,turn the lights on in the office (being the first one there), sit down and power up my workstation..
i kill time with a quick nap or some music (tenet been cut off, even in the mornings, for reasons i dont know myself)..

at 9 ill start doing some real work since thats the time most of the staff comes in anyways..nowadays things have started to pace down a bit, work meaning ill be in front of the computer all day, doing documents and papers that's needed to be delivered to client..

its booooooooooooooooooooooooooring, lemme tell you..ngaa

and no outlet to kill the boredom with..ngaaaa

i know ive been nagging for a good holiday, but taking leave from work seems to be impossible..with the alotted leave given to me being none, its a miracle how Mr T gets so many cuti..rili, its a miracle!!!
last i check, the amount of cuti left for me was -2 (read: negative)..yeah, thats how unfit i am to have a leave off work..

so, what do i have left to look forward?
weekends are all i have..sad, i know..so i plan to utilize them fully over the next few weeks..outings, jalan2..
ill go out alone if i have to..
yeah, thats how desperate i am to get my mind off work..

on another note, its nearing the summer holidays for our counterparts in the west, so with that said, we can expect a slew of movies hitting our shores within the next week or so..

im usually an action movie watching kinda guy, but this trailer just caught me as one of those movies u wouldnt want to miss out..

haha, i know, kids stuff, but i need a good laugh..i dont do serious, id like to be luvable..hahahahah

Eton is currently underutilized, which i hate...i shud be OUT THERE..not crammed into some office space all day!!
young, with barely enuf money to survive, and the passion be out there!!
how come those people on Travel & Living make it so easy?

doesnt make it any better when people around you start saying how much fun it is to go there and here, this pulau and that pulau..ngaaa..all i feel is envy, and its a deadly sin..

part time sinner, arent we all..


There are things that seems are just out of reach, and I cant help but sense that I have failed.


Si Putri said...

ntah..when is our turn to pulauing?

wat hepeng to water rafting?

this and that?

plan je lebeyh..haha!

mrfusyi said...

haha, plan kene ade..ngaaa..just have to execute!!

Haeqal said...

haa.. aku ade plan kasi eton exercise.

colours of malaysia, 24/5 (sabtu nih), putrajaya.

ade berani? :D jom aa.. mandy pon dah lemau. mau bwk jalan2

encikpundak said...

shrek tak bleh lawan laaa

Jazlin Ernida said...

yeah, i'll go out alone every friday after work (if it's still not too late at nite lah) just to unwind myself. huhu. and weekends seem so pendekkk. grrr..

mrfusyi said...

unwinding session,
yeah, i need one o' those..


jom colors of malaysia!!!!

kuc1n993m0k said...

haha...banyak ke cuti aku?

sebulan 2 kali je..