Monday, January 28, 2008

yes, its an obsession

Theres something about art that makes wanna look at myself and say
"How come I couldnt do something like that?"
"Am i not creative?"

All the creative juices in me oozes through the crevices in the form of words at best, be it written or was never to materialize in images or portraiture which undoubtedly is better received by the masses..

Words, beautifully carved and well structured, still needs reading...
Pictures, either composed or taken at a whim, takes only a glance for its own natural story to unravel, its own flavor leaving an impression on eyes that are blessed enough to view it..

And so, the yearning inside me which was but mere sparks before and now gone full bloom, yes..i want to be able to take pictures that will stop people in their shoes and socks, and make them mumble...


they say a piece of art is only as fine as the tools of the artiste, song only as beautiful as the tune of its instrument..

here i am but without the tool...without a tool...

only desire fuels


bler laa ley dapat pegang nih~~ T~T

A200 selling cheap!!!

RM 1999 only!!! why why why~~!!!!!


Jazlin Ernida said...

waa dah murah tu.. go get one :D

i'm not into photography. kalo tak mesti dah tempted nak bli.

mrfusyi said...

its on my list of things i need to work for...

soon...soon.......*droooools* ;p

Si Putri said...

mesti mahu!!!