Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wondering if more is on the way..

First of all,

Time kasih kepada kerajaan kerana memberi angpow lebey tahun nih~ akhirnya, its been a long thing coming!!! and all at a time when we needed u most Malaysia!! wee~~

Still, is this all we are getting? 0_o?

I quote from the text of the speech given by our Prime Minister

"Peningkatan elaun tersebut adalah di antara 23 peratus sehingga 84 peratus. Kadar baru ini berkuatkuasa mulai semester pertama sesi 2007"

mulai sesi 2007 means that it backdates to semester jan 07..so the amount yang dapat nih is already terkumpul? or is it just for the Jan 2008 semester?

if it is terkumpul, than it is clear yang kenaikan for us is the minimum of only 23%...maybe sbb kite IPTS and also sbb the campus is located luar bandar..who knows..

if its for the Jan 2008 semester only and more is on the way..then whoa...im a happy man!!!

so, its not as much as id hope..but bersyukur..takdelah sempit hidup nih, bertemankan air liur sahaja apabila ke kedai..;p


Si Putri said...

u noe..i'd like to tell u that the gov will masukkan additional 1k each month starting from feb 08..

but then...

its only a lie..


*i ken so tell the excited-to-drained expression on ur face*

Jazlin Ernida said...

tipu gle 'bertemankan air liur sahaja apabila ke kedai' :P

dak petronas nak nek scholar gak :D

hiks. nnt byk dwet can shop more and more.

mrfusyi said...

air liur je bertemankan sblom nih..huhu

seb bek kerajaan baek..maju Malaysia!!!