Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i need rest..

Typical weekday

6:15 wake up and ready2 for work..

6:45 off to work, go out early because want to huge traffic jam....its a nightmare to exit Subang during rush hours..(-_-")...make more roads out please MPSJ!!!!

7:20 reach opis, see if pintu opis bukak or not, if not open, sambung sleep inside the car..i need all the rest i can get.

8:00 most probably already at my desk, turns on computer and then make myself a cuppa neskepe..for safety hazardous without caffeine..

8:30 start working...start here means panas2 enjin..;p

9:00-18:30 working hours..waktu balik 18:30 seems just like a suggestion sometimes..balik lagi lambat an intern not a full time employee fer pete sake!!! pay me more if u want me to do work until malam..;p..not professional i know, but hey..wont hurt to demand kan? hahahaha

20:00 reach home, tired..mandi2 and dinner...cek2 tenet for any gadget news

22:00 head starts to get heavy...mind restless..pakse my sis to pijak blakang....;p

23:00 prolly have dozed off on the couch...with my cellphone tolerance of late night stay up has is that a good thing?

if this is a taste on what an engineer life would be...honestly, id have to say...pretty boring....
all the time u have to urself are the weekends, tu pon if they dont call u to work then too...ngaaaa


a300 and a350 gets official

goyah iman tul..(-_-")


Dayana said...

ape kenape kenape ko balik kol 630pm??

Anonymous said...

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mrfusyi said...

keje bnyk sgt..;p
die wat intern cam pekerje tetap..minus the gaji mahal..ngaaa

not complaining though..huhu

Jazlin Ernida said...

traffic kat subang mmg macam gile. huhu.. tapi i oni go out as early as 6.30am on my 1st day of work. hehehe. skrg ni dh pandai gi keje kul 8, arrive at pj at 9 tepat2 :P

keje rajin2. jgn complain2. hehe.

Dayana said...

wey.. tegakkan keadilan! dimana hak ko sebagai seorang intern? kaman Fasyan.. jangan biarkan mereka memijak kepala kau begitu sahaja!

mrfusyi said...

haha, takpe2..aku nk naikan saham aku kat kompeni..mane tau, derang trus hire pas grad ke..ngahahha

aalim said...

owh.. main saham jugak kamu ni eh..