Wednesday, January 23, 2008

its all bout them huh?

Its funny, how concerned we are about the lives of people we don't even know..lives of people who we see through kaca tv or radio, and thats it..

thats why magazines like mangga, urtv, and adik beradiknya are selling like hotcakes

i dont buy them, seriously, i rather have a newspaper instead..

people like reading stuff like about that dude who took his shirt off while performing

about that dudette who got nudy photos of her out on the net..

about that dude and dudette getting married and then again about them getting divorced..

"eh2, u tau tak, artis ***** tu kan, i nampak die dating dgn artis ***** kat KLCC arituh~"

"....I dont care.." not that kejam, of kos i wudnt say that....but i want to...;p

theres three groups people who always appear on the front page of the news..

Scandalous artists

guess i wont be seeing my face on the front page any time soon...unless...


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Si Putri said...

here are reasons y u dun appear on npaper..

if u become a politician, u only promise the rakyat with more gadget stores and cheap cammy price..

if u become a rapist, women are not afraid to go out alone in the mid of nite nemore..

if u become an artist, they cancel the invention of medias..


i noe u love me~awww~~

mrfusyi said...

(-_-")....thanks for that..