Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wondered, who came across your mind when u decided. Was it you, was it me. Its apparent it was never us.

There has always been an issue, in trust.

When we trust, we put all doubts on hold, and as wrong as it may feel, we prolong and persevere, because in trust we believe.

Trust is what makes people mix with each other and days go on.Its in trust, we nurture hope.

I trust that this bank will keep my money safe, so i invest.

I trust that there you will be there when i caome, so i shall go on a date with u.

I trust that you wont kill me, so i shall walk with u.

Its in this moral fiber, that we are able to coinhibit with one another, in peace, and happily.
It is in with this moral fiber, that we,man and women alike, are able to put our lives in the hands of others.

In trust, we trust.

So, what happens when this virtue, this piece of human emotion, is not upheld?

People break apart. Institutions collapse,dissapoinment and sense of deficieny arises. And we trust no more.

How can you have betrayed my trust.

It can take years to build, but only moments to shatter.Once shattered, it remains as it is, fragments of a distant memory, of what we once had hope in.

The question is now, how do you react to having trust destroyed?
rise up, and try to build it again?
or build it elsewhere.

memories of what was will pull us toward building another castle to in place of that which has rubbled. But is it really worth it. Are we that forgiving of a person to let bygone be bygone, and take it in stride that some have stabbed you, knowingly.

Those distant memories now seem scenic. And you'd have to wonder, how much of it were actually honest, sincere.

And we prayed for sincerity, and I have been sincere in all my actions.

I write with partial angst, and my view may have been obscured by the wave of my only human emotions.

Tried to see with eyes unclouded, and failed.

For those who have others trust entrusted, keep them well. Be honored, people have faith in you.

For those who have their trust belittled, you are not alone.

And for those who have chosen to betray trust, I have no words to say other than, im sorry you had to make that choice.


We try to forgive, but we can never forget. As do most elephants. -o0-

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