Friday, August 15, 2008

I miss, but im not showing. save me superman..

There's too much angst and stuff in last few post..

lets cheer things up a bit here..


Things are now starting to pick up pace..after lag and drag, with the brain still not in proper working condition, things are finally starting to make sense around here.

Being the senior on campus feels like....normal.. i thought there would be a sense of pride in being in the final year, making it thru 3 years in 1 piece, but i was wrong..feel like any normal day in sunny Tronoh.;p

owh..the only thing i can feel is,
"fish, i don't want to read no books no more!!"

8 months without worrying about tests and assignments tend to mellow u down abit..

my brain definitely needed thawing..

but hey, its already the fourth week, and there a new light coming in on things..the kinda light that makes u realize some things, and see some that has not been seen before.

FYP is currently under construction, which is always a good thing..
Intelligent Control for Process Control..
yeah2, sounds fancy, but honest to God i have no idea what it meant first i heard of it..;p
got a year to work on it..shudnt be too difficult..kan?...kan?

entah..if any control specialist outhere ken help..please comment..;p

its my pledge, to myself that the final year i have here in Tronoh would be one i would remember, in honor of that pledge, i decided to join any event that is joinable..
the first for this year is the Treasure Hunt Competition.
ok, joined this way back in first year...din win zilch..well, we did win a mug thru a lucky draw..but that doesnt count..
this time round however, we made it top ten!
no. 8..
not something great its just something worth remembering for the years to come.
enuf words. just c pikas..

Team Ethnies, in a moving bipolar junction transistor..hahaha (EE ppl will smile ;p)

sesi meniru jawapan berjemaah...anything for a win huh ladies?

smile people~

their faces says it all..."we have never seen a tractor before!"

lastik championship. i sucked..(-_-")

team 40. nice work ladies and gentleman

menang laa samting at the very least..huhuh

someting nice happens once in a while.huhu...pray for more to come..


i superman lives his life..

i mean, he calls to people's aid, flying in with the speed of sound anytime of the day....

people always remember him in times of need..but when nobody is in trouble..he's not called on..

i mean, dont ppl invite him over for tea or samting?

unrealistic, i noe..but i do the people of metropolis ever invites him round for dinner or a spot of tea with crumpets?

remembered when needed, forgotten when away.

if ure up there superman..i feel for u.


any grammar freaks out there. i noe there are some major err up there..turn a blind eye towards it..its 6 frickin a.m....and i need sleep..