Monday, May 12, 2008

I promise a proper update for everything soon

things have really slowed down a bit here..

its not that i dont want to write..i do...i really do..

sometimes it seems i want to update a lot of things at once..

this blog..
intern report..

and my life with its crucial relationships..

i like to be well informed, and well updated..however I have found myself sometimes just running away from it all when its just too much..
and yield nothing..

doesnt help that internet is now restricted at the workplace..(-_-")..not saying that i spend my quality working hours on the net doing blogs..its just that, i dont have the channel anymore to quickly jot down any spurious thoughts or inputs..
keep them for later?..not the same vibe...

owh well, mebe were not meant to occupy our mind other than the spreadsheets and documents at the desk..

that aside....

life goes on.

my photoshop is now open almost always when the comp is on.kunun2 i can just edit2 should i not be able to sleep at nite..sorta like a midnight activity i can indulge in to forcibly make me feel sleepy..

this is one i made yesterday night..

a whole plethora of brushes..mind half be gentle on the comments..


Be the reason for my smiles? :)


Si Putri said...


nice one..

dude..i lost my mood taking piccas..n so i lost my magic..

wat hepeng to me???




mrfusyi said...


inspiration, i think we all need it..huhuhu

plan lah samting for the upcoming wesak weekend