Sunday, April 6, 2008

one for the weekends

Allright- allright..

People have been asking me, why have I been a lazy ass and have not taken the time to write here.

Yeah, i know..i have been lazy, but thats almost synonymous with me these days.. all that i look forward to in a day is the time i get off work, and the time where i can run back to the comfort of my room, my solitude, and where i can happily do as i please..

that has been me this past week and I hope not to stay that way. No body gets anywhere by being lazy.. well..mebe if ure Royalty you can get away with it.. but thats a different story..

well, what have i been up to?

indeed what have i been up to other than the usual boring job i do for money...i find myself constantly asking. what can I do that'll make me feel happy? what can i do to make me feel..content?

There are times when i do question myself..have i really gotten what i want in life at this point? Am i missing things?Have i reached the milestone? Often it is left unanswered, however i do feel that it is one to be answered..soon..


I have always been a person who is easily intrigued. I like making stuff, a more of a DIY kinda guy.. i cant stand sitting on the sidelines when i know i can do it too..

and, i cant stand to sit around on my ass, doing with that in said, i found myself a little at home project i can do...things that would be fun to do..

yeah, made my own makeshift fish eye lens..bought a peephole at a local hardware store, and pick up some stuff out the bin at home..a little elbow grease here and some good ol tape there..voila!!!

interesting thing to play around with...but still needs a few tweaks here and there though...cant seem to focus right..most of the pics come out blur..ill get it proper and running soon, and a pic of it to boot..

im dying to try the light trail thing..looking for a gang to do it with...ngaa..when..oh when~~


look HERE...nuff said..


owh yes...tagged once again..this time by the brains behind Itulah Aku..

very interesting this one..

lets have a go shall we?

INSTRUCTIONS - You guys kena menjawab soalan- soalan yang telah pun disediakan. Tetapi here’s the twist - You’ve got to answer the questions sambil mendengar lagu di Winamp or any music players, with list of your favorite songs in random / shuffle mode. And to make things even interesting, the questions are to be answered based on the songs you are currently listening to - like for each new question, you gotta hit “NEXT” on your player and see what song comes up next, and from there, you gotta answer the questions and the answer gotta be berdasarkan atau berkaitan dengan that particular song.

Basically, answer the darn question based on ur playlist. Press the next button on your playlist everytime you answer a new question.

1- If Someone Say “Is This Ok?”, You Say?
Too little too late -JoJo
Ok, i am the forgiving type..usually..but that doesnt mean i wont turn a bad leaf on you and give u the JoJo!!! u sing it girl!!! aww~~

2- What Would Best Describe Your Best Personality?
Nothing lasts forever - Maroon 5
Erm, im thinking....
mebe its tryin to say....
I'm going to be gone if u dont catch me now?
yeah, i think so...s
so ladies..sile2..*blush2* :p

3- What Do You Like In A Guy / Girl?
Yeah, prolly someone who can burn me..i mean, not literally..passionately i mean..

4- How Do You Feel Today?
Stuck in the middle - Mika
Mika, u took the words right out of my gaping mouth..
stuck in the middle between there and stop? somewhere!!!

5- What Is Your Life Purpose?
Black and White - INXS
Being transparent?
or being the guy who mans the photocopier?
i cant decide..owh life's choices..owhhhh

6- What Is You Motto?
Shake ya tailfeather- Nelly

7- What Do Your Friends Think About You?
Sayap Patah - Dewa
Entah.. u gossip about my wings ka? aww~~~

8- What Do You Think About Your Parents?
Rock n Roll star - oasis
Hahaha, yeah!!!! They do rock!!!
Cmon dad, lets go to that gig we've been dying to go too!! lol~

9- What Do You Think About Very Often?
Sedang Ingin Bercinta - Dewa

10- What Do You Think About Bestie?
Numa-numa- O-zone
I have no idea what a Bestie is...owh well..
numa numa yeh~~

11- What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?
Mesmerize - Jarule feat Ashanti
Sweet...nuff said..

12- What’s Your Life Story?
Good LIfe - Kanye West
Nicely said..its good..good..not complete..but good...

13- What Do You Want To Be When Grow Up?
Disco Lazy time
like i told a lazybum..sue me..

14- What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like?
Are u gonna be my girl - Jet
spot on!!!

15- What Do Your Parents Think Of You?
All we are- One republic
i think all of their children makes them who they are, and vice versa..

16- What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?
Pupus - Dewa
wuu, slow rock..i can dig that..ladies?

17- What’s Your Hobby / Interest?
SYair si Pari pari - Zamani
aku romantis gitu..*blush2*

18- What’s Your Biggest Fear?
Raise Up - Petey Pablo

19- What’s Your Biggest Secret?
Manusia sempurna - Nidji
shh, im actually...deep deep deep deep, have to look very hard..and long..deep inside..
im a perfectionist!!!

20- What Do You Think About The Person Who Started This Tag?
How to save a life - The Fray
Whoever started this tag..apparently u need help from The Fray..

21- What Do You Think About The Person Who Tagged You To Do This Entry?
Nada Melankolik Malaya - The Times
Kita nada malaysia..yeah, keep writing!!!

erm..fuh2...that was long..;p


would it hurt, to show some emotion? because I am here, and you're there...and we ain't showing none..


Jazlin Ernida said...

aww u baca blog i ke? terharu :P

hehe, thanks for doing the tag. and oh, jgn malas-malas update blog lagi hehe.

mrfusyi said...

hahaha, aku akan cuba jadi rajin!!...sket...;p