Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aku malas sket..

Aku sudah lama tak update?

kerana aku tak ada buah fikiran/senario yang aku boleh kembangkan berjela2..

aku tak ingin buat short post banyak2...

nampak seperti tak berfikir panjang...

aku tahu, ade yang setia klik ke pautan untuk ke laman ini, with hope of reading something new..

maaf, aku kecewakan kamu semua..

full blown entry will come by the end of the week!!!!

in the meantime..ive been tagged by the brains behind The Hate Journal:

mari2..kita isi masa lapang di ofis..

8 fakta random behind the classy exterior of Mr Fusyi

Facts are,

1. I hate tomatoes..cant stand them...the only way ill ever consume them is either in a burger, or from a bottle....

2. I have a fetish for watches and shoes..
aku suka melawat kedai2 jam dan kasut...masuk pusing2..lihat jam2 yang ada..dan mengigau apabila jumpa yang berkenan...ill be content if i own a different watch for each day of the month..

3. Ahli kumpulan Nasyid satu masa, aku pernah pergi competition nasyid..arena pertama aku perdengarkan suara aku to the masses..
tak hairan mengapa kadang2 suara aku juga boleh sedap didengar. kan?

4. aku suka naik public transpot..

mengapa? interaction..when else can we mix around among us..ok, we might not tegur each other..but the occasional stumbling across and old friend or flame is worth the gamble any day..
plus, aku suka people watch..

5. blood makes me dizzy..

im an engineer..not a with it..

6. aku suka when we swim, we have our ears submersed, and all we can hear are the water rumblings.. the peaceful sounds underneath i just cant find anywhere else..its dreamy..

7. My favourite drink is 100plus..
go and have a jog..run2..run2..and when letih, and feel like dah tak larat, like betul2 penat..take a sip of cold 100plus...
its a rush

8. I was a devout bookworm, i wouldve burn thru a book a, i find there are other things worth reading...
peoples blogs...
people's body language

yeah...ive moved from a being a bookworm, to being a just a reading, is that a bad thing? *nerd alert*

ok, so not a whole lot of interesting things, but said random facts..not random secrets..

u want to know a secret?

the ure going to have to dig it out of me...

jika kamu rasa ingin buat juga..sile2lah...tak perlu tunggu aku tag kamu..;p

have a nice day now people~


Dayana said...

aaa!! sungguh lapang masa di ofis, its driving me INSANE!!!

kita samalah no.4 ngan no. 7 ngan no.8.


mrfusyi said...

i think its pretty safe to say that most bloggers were or still are...bookworms..;p

and i tip my hat to the person who invented 100plus..genius!!!hahahaha

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

..i think there's a funny story behind the nasyid thingy..want me to tell them???hahaha

mrfusyi said...

(-_-")...dah lama idup?


encikpundak said...

bAgitau je kongz.. jhahaha

Si Putri said...


u hate tomatoes?

hilang satu nikmat dunia.