Thursday, April 24, 2008

Its the small pleasures..

I use to hate to cut my hair back when i was a kid..i hated it..
being a kid,I was not one who would be able to sit down quietly while some stranger pranced around my head, snipping here and there, pushing my head there and here..

As for long as i can remember, Dad was usually the one who took me to the barber shop..and we would only visit it when he saw both me and my bro looked like we were wearing songkok all day long (yeah, talk about hard wire hair..nightmare to comb..)..
he would walk in first, make eye contact with the mamak holding the cutting machine and say,

"My two boys, make them hensem"

not hard to do, i assure you..hahahaha
but, i was less than amused by such man to man gestures..
the itch, the stillness..argh, it was unbearable for the child me to sit still about, it always scares me when razor sharp scissors are but an inch away from ur eyes..(x_X)..
plus, you can always tell if the mamak just had his lunch...his hand would smell of curry..euw..(-_-#)

Once though, Dad was unable to take us to the barber shop for some reason, so Mum was called in as a replacement..If it were up to dad, he would take us to the mamak without even thinking...Mum?..well....she took us to a fancy saloon..
we were living in Klang its not some fancy saloon you would see at the shopping malls..;p

being a concious kid, i was hesitant to enter at first , ya lah, got huge picture of a woman in front..I being a guy, 5 years old worth of guy-ness, could not bring myself to enter without hesitation..;p..i was thinking, this must be a place for women!! argh!!! shame2!!!!

so ok, i got forced in anyways, but point is i put up a small fight first..;p

anyways, the reason why i remember that particular trip to the saloon was because the hairdresser complained so hard about me not being able to sit still..he was always pushing my head here and there..tilting it like it was a globe and he was trying to search for Italy on it..

"Adik, jangan banyak gerak"
"Adik, duduk diam-diam"

I think i pissed him off..
young Fasyan-1, gay hairdresser-0

He was already forced to fight a war with my barb wire hair..and now he has the jiggly child attached to the hair to handle...not his day im assuming..
i remember coming out with my hair less than perfect..holes all over, courtesy of the fidgeting I did all the way thru the session..;p

ah, good times..good times..

now, its different it seems..yes, a lot less fidgeting on the hot seat, and i seem to enjoy it a tad bit more too....and i go not because i was forced, its because i want to..yeah, thank maturity and a heightened sense of self grooming for that..;p
cant stand to see my unruly hair get past my ears..itchylah..(=_=")\

"ane, potong pendek aa, atas kasi panjang sket!!"

life is good, tis good


Anonymous said...

erk.. mana bleh ane tu kasi panjang rambut ko kt atas.. kalau biar x potong boleh r.. hahaha :D

mrfusyi said...

hahaha, aku bermaksud suh die potong, tapi kasi panjang sket dari tepi..ngahahah

"ane, tambah rambut atas kasi panjang!! amek rambut tepi kasi naik kalau tak cukup!!"