Sunday, March 9, 2008

Utah o utade



Demam pilihanraya..semua ingin terlibat..kecuali aku...aku tak punyai kuasa untuk menjadi boneka2 mana-mana parti buat sementara ini..mungkin dalam tahun yang akan datang..mungkin..
buat sementara ini, aku biarkan mereka yang lain sibuk mengibarkan bendera2 mereka..melaung manifesto2 mereka, warkan berita akan calon2 mereka..

aku tak nampak engkau kibarkan bendera negara pon..

pedulikan, sudah tamat, keputusan sudah diketahui dan muktamad, lets leave it at that people..

on another note..

was asked to record a song for a sahabat, as a birthday present..
ok..sounds ok to me, since it is free and all, but my suara not that nice laa..
its not low self esteem or nethin, i personally thought it was nice..until i did a small recording..
did a sample, and...argh...sounded better in my head..(-_-")..tak mengapa, aku akan usahakan...and ill pass it on to a certain siren for c&c..
yeah, u have a super singing voice hun, superb..lets sing together,u and i..and win a grammy or something..:p

guess it'll rain harder next few weeks whilst i wail around in my makeshift studio..


Aku kene panggil datang kerja..nuff said..its not something worth writing about in detail, so ill spare u the agony of reading, and the agony of me writing it out..


I woke up later than usual today, on purpose...its the school holidays, so im thinking the roads wont be as crowded as it is i squeezed in some extra 15mins of sleep, and took my sweet time getting ready afterwards..
no, i dont use an hour to get ready like some of you, 20mins tops and I'm out the door..*nods2*

How I look forward to breaks and public I look forward indeed..

have a productive day people