Saturday, March 15, 2008

its what we call...phun

Super saturday..wee~~

It was a plan long postponed due to time constraints...yeah, it was something most of us look forward too...

The inital plan was to go to bird park KL, do some free shooting, putting our earned cammies to good use..plan was cooked up weeks ago, but every weekend it seemed..we were busy..

ah, whoever works weekend everyweek, even workaholics, need to take a break!!!

so, eyes closed, work forgotten, i decided that yesterday was the day to do something serious...seriously fun that is..; outing!!

so, ok, we didnt actually to to bird park per se..we went to the parks around it...

the ticket laa, RM 15!!

ruddy hell..wat are we, going in to see upper class birds??? do they poop gold???
highly unlikely....
i thought it was like 10 bux max..but hey, what am i complaining about..tourists have to pay RM35 to get in...;p
poor chaps...i just hope they get their moneys worth...
if it wasnt for the fact that it was the middle of the month, and most of us are close to broke, we'd already bought tickets in..
mebe next time people..mebe next time..

anywys, so with bird park cursed over, we went to the orchid park next door. RM1 per entry!!!
Now thats what we're talking about!!..
"No worry guys, I got this one"
belanjalah since its murah and all..ngahahahaha

It was nice..although kinda small, it was amazing what kinda park they have here..its like unbelievable they are able to maintain this kind of park..its calm, serene, and lovely to have walks in..if not for the fact that to get there we had to go thru massive jams, im sure that id frequent this park every weekend... If only there were more parks like this across the country..

We spent about 3 hours there, and went elsewhere when our tummies called for a refill..
*note to self...bring power bars on next photo outing*

straight after lunch we went to BB, in hope of doing some street shooting..HOPE..
it rained...

yeah, no street shooting i we ended up lazing around in some pretty comfy chairs at secret over a nice slice of cake, and drinks, talking away on whatever it is on our minds..if not for the fact that it was getting late. im sure we wouldve stayed there longer..

im thinking, an designated day for casual talk over drinks is to be planned..once a month ke..
just a thought

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thanks for the time people..thank you


Si Putri said...

goldish poopies??

lets kutip!!

hell with snapping!


mrfusyi said...

haha, even if it is liquid sure itll still stink like poop...;p

Hati Lara said...

i'd take home the golden poopies, put in freezer to keraskan and sell 'em to banks...

a bit disgusting, but g.o.l.d poopies. g.o.l.d.

:P anyway, it was so much fun, thanks to u guys.

mrfusyi said...

ud pick em up?
.... pick em up too if they were gold..;p

ken use as funding for a tele!! wee~~