Friday, February 22, 2008

My dad is a rockstar

As i was at work yesterday..

*troot troot*

The number showing up on my cell shows that its Papa calling me up..


"syan, u coming tonight?"


"erm, aaa....where to again?"

"My office lah, kan ade battle of the bands!! u are coming tak?"

"aa, what time does it start?"...l
et it be known here, that im in slight me tgk battle of the bands?....isnt that uber cool!!!!!!

"8 u coming?"

"erm, depends on what time i get off work..ill call u later to confirm k papa?"

"right2, later then"

herm..thinking back...

Mum did mention once, that back when he was a student at UPM, he use to be active in all these seni activities..keroncong and what not....not sure whether he was part of a band or not, never rili asked..

mebe he was an aspiring rockstar?

who knows..

and oh, yeah, he was not shaking hands with the RM(u UTP people knows what it stands for) like body in UPM either..not enemies, just not best friends..apparently they accused him of bringing in all these negative influences with keroncong and stuff......yeah, he was the gangleader..;p..

maybe, years after, seeing his kids doing stuff like music and photography, prolly reminds him of his younger years...
he was an artiste, drew a spectacular drawing of Tunku Abdul Rahman, and painted it beautifully...the painting, as i remember it still intact, safely kept by my granny in Pasir Puteh...a testament that her son, my dad, has talents hidden inside, underneath the formal attire and stare he usually wears..

yeah, dad was an avid photographer too..i remember him having this old film camera, with all the bells and whistles..Yashica i tink the brand was...time blom kenal ape itu flash gun dan sebagainye, dad was already shooting away, making snap art, and then retired..

ive set a goal to myself, when i work, when ive got a job that is stable and income that is usable, id get him a camera, he wouldve probably be mebe a camera would give him a hobby..
lets pray for a rezeki that is luas..

yeah, im thinking...pretty cool gak rupenye my dad..i mean, i tot he was cool before, now, its just uber cooler..hahaha

lets hope ill be just as cool as he is when i have kids..God Willing

how kewl do u think ur dad is?
lets leave a shout out for cool dads everwhere!!!!


waiting for my Minolta 50mm 1.7 to arrive at my bro's plce in NZ..then itll be another 2 weeks or so to reach Malaysia into my hands..hope its in good condition..super rare lens now that Sony is releasing its new line in the States..and all the good stuff are sold on Ebay there..

update on wishlist 2008 from earlier post

2) what i would like to own by the end of 2008
a. A DSLR (tak lama dah nih, insyaAllah)------aquired!!
b. electric semi is sounding positively unworthy for my rock inclined ears...
c. expensive shoes. Before this always wear cheap ones...sayang to buy expensive ones because afraid ill wear em out too fast because of the daily walks to lecture..
d. A Tag Heuer or Tissot or setaraf watch.. I appreciate well made timepieces...
e. A tennis raquet...So that i dont have to pinjam orang len nye everytime I want to go play ;p

ive scouted item d. on the list...and whoa..crap..good settle for some well made ones..apparently, with some luck, can get it for discount with a help from a certain person *wink wink*...

conclusion? duit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a nice weekend everybody


Lara Liberated said...

fossil ke?
kih kih kih.

45% mariiiiiii

mrfusyi said...

haha, u know me all too well missy..;p