Sunday, February 17, 2008


Monday again...ngaaa...

wanting to update an entry here..but my brain is thinking of something else....

I fancied some good times come saturday...but somehow i was kept idling on other stuff throughout the whole thing...spacing out most of the time..

restless perhaps?

sunday, what else to cure it than a good ol nap in the afternoon, after a hefty dose of briyani for lunch (thanks mum)..yeah2, i know its not good practice..but it was too tempting and i was looking for a pretty damn good reason to take a nap...

woke up later to feel...slightly better (the thought of Monday still jabbing at me)...

i'll lose friends if i keep spacing out like this..ngaaa..


oh..would like to welcome someone ..

sir wahab juan pablo alejandro (did i get it right miss?)...welcome to the world..

may u open your eyes and see things people would go uuu and aaaaa over..; guessing a flickr boom is on its way..hahahahaha

yeah, i know....back to need to tell me thrice

have a nice day toots~