Sunday, February 24, 2008

wrapping up the weekend

It seems the standard would never be raised..

I have been a steady customer for KTM Komuter for years now..taking it whenever i decide to go to the capital because for one, im no pro on the streets of KL, and two, i hate the traffic jams...taking public transport into town is easier, cheaper and less of a hassle..unless of course your on the komuter during rush hours..

dammit, its a crying shame that such services that the public uses extensively is poorly maintained..1 trains in an hour??..lemme tell u this, in an hour, the number of people accumulate can fill an empty carriage, inikan pula one that is already full!!

f*uck that, they should be sending it out more frequently dammit!!

yeah, i know its normal, but i think i have been patient with it long enough...

good thing i was traveling alone though...i became an *ssho*le for a bit, closing my eyes, and used my God given strength to just push thru the crowd and get my sorry ass inside the ruddy train..
imagine if i had to bring my mother along, or my grandma, or a lady...cant expect them to push in too..

why not taxi?...saving..i had half a mind to just take a cab home, but no, i was on the verge of saving up for cut corners wherever possible..

yeah, call me cheap, all i know is i want to cash in as much as i can ...asap...


hey2, seems tht my younger bro is starting to pick up guitar..hahaha,
keep on trainin bro, and soon ill be able to take u jamming for a bit..eventho im not that good meself..;p

bler nak g jam nih people?


went bowling yesterday at MID..been a while since last i went bowling, so yesterday was a bit of a stress relief therapy..throwing heavy balls at innocent pins as hard as u can...
yeah, anger management courses should make this as their official sport or samting..

and oh,first time bowled in the dark with the UV lights on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gler aa, like...super cool!!! (i know, jakun...)

almost feels like bowling in a disco!!(never been to one though...but have been to prom dates before...dark room with lights, and people dancing around though they dont know how..;p)

feeling sorry for the dude who was dancing at the bowling alley in the dark yesterday..bajet happening..(-_-")..abes bakul2 penuh dgn kutukan..aih2..

thats my weeekend in a wrap..break it down fershizzle nizzle...*does gangsta sign*