Thursday, February 14, 2008



there's a day, invented by the westeners, once a year, to remind themselves to say words of love to whoever they are falling for..i guess they need reminding that they have something to say to their spouses or teman, something other than

"is food ready?"
"whats for dinner?"
or the ususal
" hungry.."

Some see it as a day to be sweet and sugar coated for a day...for me, i think its marketing strategy..really, if not when else can shops profit from all those heart shaped chocolates that no one seems to buy, or the huge amount of soft toys that seems to just be sitting there in their window..yes, i think its a marketing strategy wrapped around peoples feelings..

someone should invent a day like what i head on radio this morning
Single Awareness Day....acronym being...S.A.D...(-_-")
14th celebrates Non-singles, so what the heck, make 15th a day for us singles to have fun too!!!

Wear a black tie no that day or samting if ure a single guy looking..
for the girls wear a red bow or samting on their dress that day..

when these people go out for a stroll and see fellow S.A.D celebrator, they be thinking
"yep, im not alone today...i have my fellow S.A.D's with me.."
im thinking, it might even reduce the number of suicide cases..who knows?;p

Thank God this year, this year V-day is during a weekday..i remember a couple years back when it fell on a weekend..
jam like crazy...everywhere anywhere leading to a shopping mall..
1 hour bus ride from Putra Bangsar station to MV..wth..i think i can walk there faster..
so that was the first and the last i'll ever go out on such days......probably..

anywys, while newly weds and the likes are having reasons to buy stuff for their partners, i find it just a reason to get my creative juices flowing make something here....


aww, aint that nice...

have a nice day..


Jazlin Ernida said...

oh ingatkan tul2 ade single awareness day niehh hehe

mrfusyi said...

hahaha, ade je, tp tak diketahui umum...yet..hahahahaha