Monday, January 21, 2008


Freakishly sleepy yesterday..
Yawning my head off..
Eyes all red and watery from all the yawning..

5 doses of caffeine didnt do a thing to help.......then again, it never rili helped before too..;p..curse my cast iron stomach..

nk working out in the open..
find some other place to doze off?....i dont think there's one in the office..
why oh why~~

best klu dpt katil nih...

looked around to see everyone else is pulling the same face..the face that spells M-E-N-G-A-N-T-U-K.. so obvious, u wudnt be surprised if people suddenly fell down and started to snore..

where's my bantal?

its because its Monday...yes, must be it...the hype of the weekends mustve taken a lot of energy out of the people..or their weekends could've been slow which carried on up until Monday...

either case..Monday isnt a good day..for a lot of people...

wish they had a massage chair an OSIM or if sleepy2...ken go and urut2 to wake u up~~

urut...mmmmmmm~~~~~ uuu~~~~~

zzzzzZzZZzzZzZZzzZzzZzzzz (~oo~ )

Tuesday...starting to feel like its monday....ngaa

waiting and waiting and still waiting..

currently listening to:
sinik feat james blunt-je realise

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