Saturday, January 19, 2008

Its your will but not nessesarily mine

There are things i do not understand..things i cannot apprehend..things that are not within my power to decide nor it is for me to decide..

How have would u have considered your life has been?

I am asking not whether ure happy with ur life or not, here i am asking whether u have lived ur life the way you have envisioned it,or whether it has been jammed into a template set by others..

Of course, people will have their expectations of how u should turn out, on how u should be when you grow up, and how it would all end..but to expect one to follow others expectation like a regime is sometimes too much to be asked..

I have my own expectation in life, have my own vision on how i would like to lead my life..and when people crush down on it, expecting me to live according to their doesnt go so well with me..

I would like to think i live my life well.. i study, i do my jobs, im not into any bad social habits like drugs/smoking/drinking..nor have i been mixing it up with the wrong crowd..
Ive kept my nose clean, yes, that much i think i have done..

so when there are individuals who question my moral values, then it just fires me up..

Sometimes talking about it doesnt seem like a good idea, because more or less I would have already known before hand the ending..

Sometimes its just hard i guess when your feelings are not considered when decision are made...decisions that effects u directly....

people telling you how to live your own life...

i have my own expectations, what would it take for others to respect it and respond...thats all i


hasliza said...

hey dude...u r so damn rite...

mrfusyi said...

great minds think alike..;p