Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lets do that again!!

had a great weekend~
yep2..all the tension and boredom and gloom that hung over was shone away by a good ol laugh about..

PICNIC!!! wee~~~

Went to a picnic in Putrajaya last sunday, at Taman Putra Perdana..woke up as early as 5:30 to get ready...ready in my case here is to knock on mum's door and wake her up so that she can prep the food for us (thanksies to Mum!!!)..its not that i cant prepare it on my own, id just rather not..plus, i dont think it would have turned out as good...me with my clumsy hands..;p

The plan initally was to catch the sunrise..but memandangkan pukul 7 tu baru sampai Putrajaya, guess it was not possible..sepatutnye we shud be there by 630 or sumthing.
oh well, maybe next time..;p

Truth be told, i was pelik2 sket nak g picnic at the Taman Putra Perdana..sbb when we arrive, orang there were like in their tracks and were jogging around..while we were in our jeans and carrying food and gear...wasn't even sure if tmpt tu can do picnic or not...
tp since ramai, so bedal je lah..kene halau, ramai2 kene halau~ lol

so what did we eat?
there were:
spageti by mr kong
senwich saden by geng2 SS/17
senwich tuna by yours truly
nasi goreng pedas by miss seorang
snacks and drinks

so ok, not a whole lot considering there were 14 of us, but we were full in the end..thank goodness for that coz we needed the energy for the crazy photo sessions that followed..

iri hati ini biler rakan2 bawa kluar kamera masing2..semua macam senapang patah, dgn lens yang harga lebih mahal daripada seluruh pakaian yang aku pakai aritu+duit dlm wallet+duit dlm bank aku...

terasa kecil pula digital kamera sendiri..kalau mereka seperti senapang patah, aku punya seperti kotak air, dgn straw tercucuk di tepi untuk lens..

jadi, satu hari tu, kamera yang aku bawa sempat melihat matahari sekejap je, laen masa aku sorok dlm poket..sudah tiba masa untuk tanganku bermesra dgn dslr orang~


"Lompat jang lompat!!"

"Its my road, yes it is..."

"Is this how i jump?"

"U aim the pointy bit there, and then press the button"

yeah, we had fun~ jumping around, horsing around, and just being silly..intoxicating when youre with good friends...

so people..whats next?


Hati Lara said...

gmba lompat tu ngape ade yg nganga luas2 tuh? (read: put) excited e?
kih kih kih.

mrfusyi said...

after years thinking that she was unable to jump..it was a moment to be remembered when she found both her feet off the ground for the VERY first time..maka jadilah the expression ....


Si Putri said...



i was doing the right breathing method while jumping okay~