Thursday, January 10, 2008


Interest, it is an interest thing...

how long can your interest stay interesting...for how long does the fire stay once its started..does it need to be rekindled after a while, or does it stay hot without need of fueling? depends really laa kn? what that interest may be..

interest in a particular hobby can last for years...interest in a person?..thats more complicated i guess..that can last years or it can just last a moment..not possible for just a moment u say?
let me cite you an example:

Two guys walking around town,they be chillin, when they spot a fox of a girl a few metres away..An intellectual discussion follows

Guy1: waa that girl so hot lah~

Guy2:ya laa, wuu wuu!! hot hoooot~~

Guy1:Go2!! I dare you to talk to her bro!

Guy2:ME?? why not you?? aih, chaaaa..u think i got no b*lls aa..ok2, i go!! (pulls up pants)

Guy 2 walks up to girl, silently as possible, coming up to her from behind..kunun2 to get her off guard, thus increasing his chance of scoring (lame I know..not all of us do that)...then the Girl rips one out..flatulence (look it up to you people...if u dont know what it means)...Guy 2 faints from the initial wave that hit....

Guy2: Kenot go la bro....kenot...(pukes)

So ok, not a good story...the point here is..if there is that interest can become uninteresting with just one reason...

It may be big,may be small...

one thing can send douse the flame that was burning inside, reducing it to nothing more than burnt imprints of what was...

how do we stay interested?

let us ponder..


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Dayana said...

I pity Britney.. :(

mrfusyi said...

tu laa, always in the spotlight for the wrong reasons...pity2