Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So its a little late..and its not even a resolution

A week late, but its better than not having any..
Setelah termenung tengok ceiling for days on end, ive finally figured out what i would like to accomplish this year..

i categorize them into two main parts
1) what i would like to have done by end of 2008
2) what i would like to own by end of 2008 (bermakna membeli/orang bagi/curik orang len nye)

see, a lot of thought went into this, so pull up a chair and do read on, by all mean~

1) what i would like to have done by end of 2008
a. Daki mana2 gunung/bukit yang femes di Malayis, if tak daki pon, naik cable car oso can..;p
b. learn at least 100 different solo's from old rock classics (means have to buy electric guitar lah, means i have to buy it first see item 2b)
c. Go to Bali/out of the country..i like to travel, but havent traveled out of the country on my own...sape nak join kasi nama!!
d. take the train, and travel all over the peninsula...interesting idea that was planned last year, but never executed.

There are a lot more things I would like to accomplish, but lets just list down a few here..If im done with them early, then I'll tackle the rest...

Just hope i remember to do them before the year is out..;p

So the next part would be:

2) what i would like to own by the end of 2008
a. A DSLR (tak lama dah nih, insyaAllah)
b. electric guitar..my semi is sounding positively unworthy for my rock inclined ears...
c. expensive shoes. Before this always wear cheap ones...sayang to buy expensive ones because afraid ill wear em out too fast because of the daily walks to lecture..
d. A Tag Heuer or Tissot or setaraf watch.. I appreciate well made timepieces...
e. A tennis raquet...So that i dont have to pinjam orang len nye everytime I want to go play ;p

erm...looking at it again, seems like im material driven...

perhaps i am...but hey, they are just guidelines, perhaps ill save up enough money to get all these things, and then end up not buying any of them at all...lol

boss just came, better get to work..
later people~

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Dayana said...

Category 1C- Incubus concert in Jakarta, March 5th.