Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What am i , and to who?

The things that we run for, always seem to run a step further..just a pinch away

John Mayer-Dreaming with a broken heart..fitting

There are some things i'm willing to wait for...although I may be the only one waiting..

I'd better start on something else before i go into depression

I've spent many nights now, doing what most Malaysians do best, lepak-ing..a fine art that we Malaysians have perfected over generations..heck, the mapley(mamak place) thrived on this art we fine tune religiously as a country, as people, united, without the thoughts of riots and what not. mapleys use to be so few many years ago, far contradicting to the situation now..a new mapley opening every now and where i live for example, each housing area has at least one, and all are jam packed, friday nights!

here, we can sit over the casual teh tarik, among friends, among would be friends..among enemies...
we can talk politics, critisize, analyze and pesterize any topic that is on our mind without having to look over our shoulder, afraid that the ISA could come over any second and snatch u off from ur seat..
yes, its an open air debate over a cup of tea

chance to expand ur mind-yes
chance to hear to other peoples opinions-yes
chance to express one's thoughts-yes

chance to express one's feelings?..herm...

proposal during a roti canai break...doesnt sound too romantic now does it?

talking is good, but its nothing compared to the chat u have with people who understand u..
its the small things that matters..

20 years on this earth, and i can remember all the best conversations i had (because they only happened just recently;p).....

so talk, people, dont keep urself in..

I cannot help but wonder...why is i..enjoy going to work?
well, its not work, its just industrial training..still...i enjoy going there...why?

Dad asked me
"Do you like going there?"

I pondered..and said

"owh, so thats why u seem so happy these days.."

so ok, i like going to work, but does it rili show? i turning into one of those japanese drone workers?..bleak..boring..and wud luv nothing more than to go to work on a sunday...

ive never been a rajin fellow, tak pernah..ive always been a malas person, for as long as i can when people say they see me liking going to work..well, thats something that i didnt even notice..

am i destined to be the office husband, or the loser who has a job..but no chick?
the one who works late into the night...because there is no one elsewhere waiting for him?

i wonder..and i wonder...and i wonder sumore..

thing is...i can see it happening now....(-_-")

find the cool switch on me, somebody, and turn it on..pronto...


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