Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kurasa rasa rasa

Kurasa seperti...

Ingin mengatakan sesuatu..

mengatakan isnt the right word..meluahkan?

My BM sucks...(-_-")


Sudah makin meningkat usia, mencecah angka dua dekad+lebey sedikit...
Apekah yang telah dikecapi selama ini?
What have i done, what havent I done, and what shouldve been done..

In some cultures, at the ripe age of 21, ure expected to be independant, get your own place, and move out of ur parents..independant here means financially too..
The question here now is..can we survive if we were to follow that on our own when we're 21?..interesting..

Its a matter of choices here...really...
would you like to live alone, but free to do what u want when u want and how u want, but meaning u have to fork out your own meal and rent ?
or would u prefer living with parents, still being able to do things u want, but not nessecarily when u want or how u want...but dont have to think of rent..or malnutrition.

choices choices choices...when are we ever rid of them..ngaa

I like being able to go out, when i want..when ade duit aa that is...
socializing, mixing around with different people..catchin up with old friends, making new friends along the nice..and i like to consider myself be surrounded with so many friends with so many different characters..

its always messy when ure surrounded with people who dont understand u, or people who live their life differently that what ure accustomed to...
they dont understand you...yet..
you dont understand them...yet..

I do try my best to fit in whenever encountering new cliques..i do..

they way I see it, the more friends i have, the more people i can borak2 with or hang out with..

the way my parents see it..the more friends i have..the more choices i get to pilih2(pilih ape, cube teke)....(-_-")...

a little early to be thinking of that..

I had a friend..

A girl..telling me

"Boys dont make good bfs, suke buat orang broken heart"


Sure hope im not in the same category...
So here to all the ladies out there..reading this..

I cannot promise you that everything will be a bed of roses, but I can promise you that, for the life of me, I will try not to break any of your hearts. I'll try my best, and we can hope that it just works out...
call me- 012-391****...
hahaha...crazy..self desperate can a guy get..


What do you do when there's something in ur head that u just cant stop thinking about?

John Mayer-Im Gonna Find Another You

Have a gud one


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