Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marron 5- Sunday Morning..perfect

Sunday, the marker day signalling the end of another week, and an eve of a new one..
Ku bangun pagi, usually with a slight jaunt..a rude awakening if not by my sister bising2 calling me to wake up, or by the direct morning sunlight coming through the window yang membanjiri muka .

The house is full as of late..full meaning that there are occupants in every room. Grandma is here, brother just flew back, and recently got maids..and apparently they occupy space (duh). My personal space at home is usually my room, its my fortress, tempat dimana ku habiskan masa bersama diri sendiri. now..haha..its like a highway..people coming in and out, my bro nye luggage on the floor everywhere..and my sis popping in every now and then to sit in front of the computer to watch any funny videos on youtube...and oh, yeah, grandma sleeps in my room too, which means, i sleep on the couch..

dont get me wrong, bukan complain, just saying that...its a change for once..
too much being on your own cant be good, so this sort of interaction is a nice change...

The whole family went on vacation Terengganu to send my bro, but alang2 stay there a couple of days at a resort..
and here I am at home...left behind...hahahaha
apparently the car cant fit all of us+luggage, so someone has to volunteer to stay behind.
.and when I say volunteer, who else can it be other than me? lol
i dun mind pn, these sacrifices things pile up, and i can just ask for a pampasan later, use it for leverage..for staying at home while the others were happily on their way doing fun stuff i cant imagine at a resort where i am not..
pampasan usually means cash..the thing all people my age will gladly receive with tangan yang amat terbuka..huhu

it has occurred to dangerous we lead our lives...the reality that there are people out there capable of doing things that are barbaric and monstrous has sunk in...
people are more open to doing crimes, some proud that they are some kaki pukul or buli jalan.. boasting to everyone else how they beat up this old geezer because he was driving faster than they were...its a man eat man world, and lisence to terrorize is being issued without warrant to people with less than half a brain to think about community safety.

police are doing their job, i think..

James Morrison- Call the police...tetibe teringat pula

I am concerned, concerned that one of those monstrosities would catch a hold of those who I hold, friends, loved ones..
u cant be there to help everyone, but being concerned is better than not caring..

to seorang, if ure reading this, yep, i was dizzy from the thoughts that came rushing in as to what mightve happen

Syukur alhamdulillah that God has protected me and those around me from the inner demons that haunt man/women.


however, it is Sunday, not a day to have ure mind cluttered with work or problems, but a day to ease ur mind for Monday...

do what you people have to do

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