Saturday, January 5, 2008


5th day into a new year...and specific new year resolution...

where is it?

suggest me one...


Went to One Utama on new years eve..pretty decent..pretty packed..
i had never been the type who would go out of my way to celebrate these kind of things, but this time around I was able to make an exception..there was nothing to do at home anyways..

It would be a lesson learned to note that one should make their way early if u ever wanted to go to a gig celebrated by the nation...for one, it would mean that you could catch the performance staged usually a couple of hours before midnight, and you time finding a proper parking space..

about an hour to find a decent place to park...not what you would categorize as normal...

it was fault on our side, lambat sangat pergi...what can you expect right??

owh, here are snaps of the fireworks (naseb baek sempat tgk)

so ok...not so nice...but be reminded it was taken with a camera phone..not some fancy DSLR (soon..soon....)

it was a good night id say...something to remmber 2007 with...its going away celebration..;p


The country is in a crisis as of late it seems...all sorts of trouble seems to be sprouting out like gophers...political trouble mostly..

the elections are not far away from now (I have not registered, being only legal to vote just recently..)...could it be that all these seriously country effecting events be part of schemes to tumble the opposition?

I would think so..nobody plays fair anymore...not even the people who promises to keep our country at peace..

we are fighting amongst ourselves (among Malaysian, as a whole), and the others are looking at us, laughing, waiting for the opportunity to intervene...pitiful..very

the image of us as a happy plural community is slowly deteriorating..each blaming on the other for this and that...
there are people who are seriously trying to make sure the generations to come are united..
take note the National which i applaud (eventhough I initially was against going to,because malas..)..parents should send their children there...they really should..

maybe they should do one (NS-ish like stint) for the older people, who are still squabbling eventhough they are living and making a living on the same soil...not setting a good example for the youngster are we now,sirs...

I love my country..shouldn't we all?


Its been a while since i did some photoshopping/photo snapping...

hope to get meself a DSLR...soon...

hope is all i have now...hope2....

any of you people want to sell to free pon bagus juga..hahahahha

ah..mebe that would be my 2008 new year resolution...


bring it on 2008!!!! *roar*

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