Sunday, March 2, 2008

私はshopaholic である

Whenever i'm tensed up, I just can't sit at home..
i need to be outside, doing somewhere where i'm not boxed in..

the only day in a week im at home the whole day, and everyone else is doing something else..



so bosan2 kat rumah smalam, i couldnt stand it , since sume orang bz dgn hal aku pergi kluar sorang2 kat shopping complex..lame, yeah, tell me about it..


abes duit..yes, aku juga kaki shopping kalau kamu tak tahu..i've brought girls who thought they were veteran shopaholics down to their knees..yes, aku pernah jadi mallrat yang hebat..
bukan kerana ingin, tapi terpakse..dan bukan pembeli, tapi more of a teman..
whence you have a professional shopper/mum in ur family, its just natural ure trained to carry the shopping for her (trains u to be gentlemen-like too..ngahaha), and thus following her everywhere on her sprees....trains ur upper forearm muscles,too not to mention..;p
and oh, mooching off for some new stuff in between the shopping breaks also is a welcomed plus..;p

aku keje kuat, aku deserve at least one good thing..yes? (biarlah practical training sahaja,pedulikan!!)

yes, i come to work smelling different today..xtra nice


A friend has gone thru rough times, and I've been ignorant..

I'm sorry for not knowing.

Let us move forward aite. :D


Jazlin Ernida said...

wah bestnye shopping perfume~ hee, i'm saving up for toys :P adeh.. dah takleh slalu shopping mcm dlu lagi..

hv a wonderful week ahead!

mrfusyi said...

beli skali stahun je~~ hahaa
save up for toys? cam pundak je..gundam gundam gundam gundam..(-_-")

have yet to find a toy id like to spend my money on. lol

::Fariz Kongz:: said...

new smell???ape brand machaa???

mrfusyi said...

polo bro, blue..aku nak angkat dabel black, bau die lak tak kene dgn aku..angkat blue sudey~ cool sket~` ngahahah

Jazlin Ernida said...

haha, i've recently found my interest in blythe dolls. dang, they're expensive tapi can't resist la. hihi.