Friday, February 8, 2008

Another happy session

Remedial..and refreshing..

Its nice having hungry happy people over, people who uve not seen for a while..and have them leave at the end of the day full, and happier than when they came..hopefully..huhu

Today had a slight makan2 jamuan thing, a sort of meet up among friends..instead of the usual mamak where we would get together and have a chat, the venue this time would be my humble home, where I would try my best to dine them, and make catch up on watever things i can..

Ade yang makin kurus sebab intern, ade yang dah rambut start panjang, ade yang nak mule buat rambut jambul..ngahahaha...
yeah, blame it on the mamak for salah potong all u want, but still look like hero hindustan laa!! miahahahaha!!

anyways..enuf with the talk, time for some raw pics!!

Alep tgh korek idung....(-_-")...

Dad and Afnan bro...yeah, one look and u know they're related..;p

Tucking in, Anas, Kong and Alep

Jazlin, Azra, Kak Su, Zati and adek Zati

Kak Su, Azra, Ckin, Khalidah and adek Ckin (Ckin with glasses version..ngahaha)..baru ku perasan, color scheme 3 people in this pic are simillar..huhuhu

Encik pundak bersama Cik Jazlin, lawati blog mereka @ &

My gargantuan hand dwarfs the camera..why oh why~~

Talked about an outing to PD..planning stages still, but hopefully it'll happen..lets go people!!!

All in all, it was a good day..however those i wanted to see coming this time around didn't make it..

oh well...

Have a super weekend people

Currently addicted to Kokokaina @ youtube...jazzy..ngaa~~ *dreamy eyes*
sing for me kokokaina~~


Dayana said...

ahaha! ko buat aku rase sungguh segan tadi, En Fasyan! Aku x tahu menahu ttg majlis yang ko adekan ini.. tsk2.

Si Putri said...

refer to: "however those i wanted to see coming this time around didn't make it.."





mrfusyi said...


segan ke?..awat lak?...haha, tu laa, bak sini nombor tepon, ley inform len kali aku wat makan2!!

si putri:

err...lemme think about that...i haven't tried chillis, good?

encikpundak said...

wow promot nmpak>? hahaha

Erra said...

hi there!

if you are free this saturday, 26.04.2008 @ 3 pm, do join us at our bazaar in jeumpa d'ramo, 102 - 104 jalan maarof, bangsar (the white bungalow on jalan maarof at the jalan bangkung traffic light junction). koko kaina will be doing an acoustic set. :o)

hope to see you there!

psst! rumour has it, jack johnson music has signed her up!

麻辣鴨血Maggie said...