Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another entry for the hols..happy CNY Malaysia

Senang betul nak kemana2 due tige ari nih, cukup senang.
Jalan yang kebiasaannya padat dgn kenderaan kesana kesini....kosong...

well, not fully kosong, but I can say that i was cruising to work yesterday, instead of the usual crawl...arrived at work 10 mins earlier, walaupon kluar rumah lambat..

aih, if everyday was like get better sleep, and id save more on fuel..definitely..

The advantage of having the roads so clear is that ley jalan2 tmpt2 u usually dont go to, just to know the roads..arent many cars, so takdelah ur suddenly stuck in traffic jam+salah jalan+sesat..

take a joyride perhaps this weekend..hmm..not a bad idea..

Its a 4 day weekend, so for those working away from home, or havent been home in a while, its a time to travel back to their hometown..lepas rindu kat katil sendiri and makan free+sedap kat rumah..hahaha

Teringat zaman skolah rendah dulu, pantang cuti je, balik kampung (in Kelantan in case ur wondering)..distinctively remembering that i like going back because it was different..and because the 8 hour drive back was entertaining..
We use to have this cassette (some youngsters nowadays dont even know what a cassette is) of the late Sudirman..we would listen to it, over and over all the way to kelantan..

the classic

"Balik kampung, wo 0h oh balik kampung!!"

and theres this one song about the alphabet..i forgot what it was called..but we sang our hearts out!!!

now it seems, like we jarang balik Kg..its the grandparents yang come to the city during breaks..huhu, udah terbalik..

i for one, have turned into someone who has very low tolerance for long rides bek to kg..;p
8 hours seems like forever..aih..
I want to balik kg, dont get me wrong, but id rather it not be by car, if flight ke ok sket..cepat..

gler demanding!!..

yeah, mebe i am kinda demanding..hahahahaha

nanti, when i have kids..time cuti2, balik kampung kire will be in Subang it seems, this will be my kids kampung..kan?

different to the kampung vision i had, but hey, times are a changing i guess..

got three more days of golek2..its been a while since i had a good sit down with some buddies..


*light bulb*


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