Thursday, July 10, 2008

there are such things as a happy ending.

hello there,

so hey, its been a while since i dropped a few words..its been a tough hella past few months...and it hopefully ends tomorrow (and hopefully continue on a year from tomorrow..*crosses fingers*)

so, what has been up lately huh? wat has been up eh..well, a lot actually, there was this and that, and oh, that too...but most have been over for a while, so i dont think its worth mentioning here...

so, since i know that some of my office buddies could be reading this (God knows where they got the URL, now i cant critic about work so much), id tease them on random pictures of the sure they'd love to see their faces on the net..

makes u feel famous kan? lol~

so, here goes..

farewell for us trainees, opening speech, onlookers with hungry faces..

"wuu, kek...."

rakan2 engineer...yang pakai baju canterbury tu single, tgh mencari, jika anda rasa diri anda perempuan, chinese look@pan asian look, sile lah contact (iklan berbayar)

happy faces...and full ones..

sesi buka PO..time kasih banyak2 sebab bwk kitorang skali~

dan kita akhiri dengan skandal 2008...

ps: id put more pics in, but most of em are crappy, Eton became victim of many, many untrained hands..(as if mine were any better.)



encikpundak said...

mang tak abis2 dengan skandal dia...

tp siap ade jamuan makan tu... gle ah.. sape sponsor nie?

mrfusyi said...

company aa sponsor..kata trainee berdedikasi..hahaha

kaman2..aku mahukan A!!! wargh!!!

syahmi said...

oh..i miss everyone..