Sunday, June 29, 2008

collection of notes to people outhere

dear me,

lets start with a quote

yesterday was history, tomorrow mystery.. and today is a gift, that is why it is called present..

funny thing, it so makes sense, aside the fact that line came from a cartoon movie, i definitely think i can learn from it..

appreciating the now..

the what that we have
the who that we know

stop and smell the flowers..yeah, heard that like a bizillion times..but how far have we swooped down among the bushes for a wiff?

im in fifth gear always it seems..especially for the past couple of months..and i look forward for a chance to stick it into neutral for a bit..


dear people,

my sympathies to those who look forward to full filling their quota for 4 wives..


lets just say i had a taste...i can categorize them mainly into four different attributes..
theres the always hungry bini,
theres the bowling pro bini,
theres the 'jalan2 sket ilang entah ke mana' bini,
and theres the 'senyum kejap, serious kejap tapi most of the time gelak2' bini,

good thing they get along well..and not become pro-wrestlers bini's..

and good thing im not stuck with them..


dear tubby,

i re-act the scene, for my laughter...


"where's my shoe?"


"im effin serious, my shoe is missing!!" (padini style shoes that look like its seen better days)

"err, inside mebe?"


"somebody stole it prolly tubs..guess no taking the LRT home now huh?"*giggles*

the host kindly gave a new pair for the victim to wear, crocodile pula tu..

trade in padini for crocodile..that aint so bad now is it?


dear seorang.

chin up

pray...and have faith..

rest assured there will always be The Almighty to hear your prayers..



dear reader,

im sori im such a lazy ass to update this..but inspiration eludes me these days..

thank goodness nobody is paying me to write, or they'd be pretty frustrated..


sincerely signed..


Si Putri said...

Dear pashi,

the 'always hungry bini' shud b forth in the list. im the youngest remember?

n im considering using that crocodile sandals to work. it matches most of my baju kurung.


mrfusyi said...

dear tubby,

buy nu that doesnt look tatty right off the rack..

buy normal wedges, or flip flops or stuff..

im sure they have tubby feet size in their lineup..



Hati Lara said...

wats with the bini2 story. guwe ngak ngerti. anyway thanks for the wish, much appreciated :]

pegi urbanscapes. huh. :p

mrfusyi said...

its a long story..huhu..

no worries about urbanscape..u din miss day too..;p